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Environmentally-Friendly Weed Control

Safety + Efficiency

We are becoming increasingly more aware of the negative health impacts of spraying harmful chemicals to kill weeds. The problem is that the only alternative to spraying is hand-pulling, and while this is an effective weed control method, it is not efficient. Our hand-held Weed Wipers give you the time-saving benefits of spot spraying, without the hazardous drift. Apply chemical exactly where you want it and save yourself the hassle of hand-pulling! The key to effectively applying chemical is getting enough product directly onto the weeds, and our sponges ensure that the saturation of chemical is strong enough to pulverize even the toughest weeds. Our Weed Wipers are guaranteed to save you time and money right away. Browse this page and see the difference for yourself!


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Red Weeder

The original garden tool that wipes out weeds with no drift, even on a windy day. This unique device puts chemical exactly where you want it, saving you time and money. The Red Weeder gives users more options when it comes to deciding what solution to use on their weeds. The patented wicking system requires no adjustment and the lightweight design makes using our Red Weeder comfortable for all ages.

Red weeder edited.jpg
Red Weeder
Dauber edited.png
Green Weeder

The Hand-Held Green Weeder Dauber gives you more options when deciding what solution to use when attacking intrusive plants or weeds. The cellulose sponge design has a valve that can be adjusted to help regulate chemical flow. The Green Weeder's lightweight design makes using our product convenient for lawn and garden use. The accurate distribution of chemical saves time and money, as well as eliminates exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Green Weeder
EcoSponge Spray tip cover on a LGDGUN.jpg
Spray Wand Attachment

Use the sponge spray wand attachment to effectively wipe out intrusive plants or weeds in your field, lawn, and garden. The unique sponge design applies chemical drift-free directly onto your weeds. Our sponge attachment comes with a clamp that attaches to your existing sprayer wand. Once you have attached the sponge, simply squeeze the wand for a few seconds to refill the sponge as needed. This product helps eliminates hazardous drift and also saves you money by using less chemical.

EcoSponge Spray Tip Cover part number EC0001.jpg
Spray Wand Attachment
Green weeder front 2.jpg
sponge gun.webp
Sponge Gun

Use the Sponge Gun to effectively wipe out intrusive plants or weeds in your field, lawn, and garden. The Sponge Gun's innovative, unique design is unlike anything else available on the market today, and it delivers a tremendous amount of solution. Simply squeeze the wand for a few seconds to re-fill the sponge as needed. Not only is the drift-free Sponge Gun better for the environment and safer to use, but it also saves you money by requiring less chemical.

Sponge Gun

In the high winds of Kansas, I always had so much trouble getting chemical to go where I wanted it. Now I can treat my garden confidently!

- Carol Thompson
Eastern Kansas 

The sponge gun works great with my existing equipment and allows me to apply roundup in very specific areas without worrying about safety.

- Trevor Houston
Texas Panhandle

I love my Green Weeder dauber! It's the solution I've been looking for through all my years of landscaping work. We use it on every project. 

- Trent Sessler
Central Oklahoma

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