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Field Study

Research from University of Georgia shows a 99.9% kill in a controlled field test.

Three Facts

Why Sponge Weed Wipers are are a better option than

Carpet, Canvass and Rope wickers.

Compare The Price

Better Mounting Options

Sponges Hold More Solution


Hagie 120 ft Tom McKinney.jpg

Tom McKinney  

Central Indiana

"I custom Weed Wipe resistant weeds like Palmer Amaranth, Water Hemp, Mares tail and Kochia. And love that I can quickly change from a sprayer to a wiper. The Sponges work great on our 120 ft. Hagie boom


Swenson Brothers 

Woonsocket, SD.

“We adapted a sponge weed wiper to our self-propelled detassel machine. We are Non GMO growers and have seen the results of wiping out resistant weeds with 50% Gramoxone...sponge wipers give great results for around just $1 per acre.”

Brandon Martin.jpg

Brandon Martin

Fontain, AR

“I put a 60 ft kit on my Hardi 3-point hitch sprayer and I got great results using Gramoxone at 50 % to control the resistant weeds in his soybeans.”

Walt B.jpg

Walt Brownsberger

Overland Park, KS

“Your sponges worked as promised, using Gramoxone at 50%. Your videos were on the money & very useful in the application process.”

Richard Taylor.jpg

Richard Taylor

Owensboro, KY

“I use a pull type sponge weed wiper to control my resistant weeds for less than $1 per acre. My neighbors are turning their heads when they drive by my field and see the results.”


Jason Clavin

El Paso, IL.

"At first I was a little Leary, but the sponges work.  At first, I used it in my soybeans...until I realized that it's great for pastures and other applications.  I had a great experience with Smucker Manufacturing.”


Sponge Weed Wiper Testimony Promo

Sponge Weed Wiper Testimony Promo

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Man Vs Weed

Man Vs Weed

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Sponge Weed Wiping with Custom Applicator in Oklahoma

Sponge Weed Wiping with Custom Applicator in Oklahoma

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